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The Acoustical Society of Lithuania (Lietuvos akustikų sąjunga, LAS) was founded in 1990. The association is a non-profit organization of professionals active in various specific fields of acoustics. The aims of society are promotion the knowledge of acoustics, establishing national and international contact between people interested in acoustics and others. The members of the The Acoustical Society of Lithuania take part in the process of adoption of the international standards.

LAS has played an important role in organizing several major acoustic events. Some of the latest were 18th workshop of the Aeroacoustics Specialists‘ Committee of CEAS in 2014 and the 19th international congress on sound and vibration (ICSV19) with over 400 attendies.

The Acoustical Society of Lithuania is a member of the following international associations: EAA (European Acoustic Association), ICA (International Congress for Acoustics) and I-INCE (International Institute of Noise Control Engineering).